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  Bill Parr's blasts from the past.
Bill Parr has long been a champion of professionalism in the plumbing trade. Over the years, he's gathered together quite a collection of water heater explosion news accounts and has generously agreed to display them here. If you're in the Allentown or Lehigh Valley area, call Bill "For a job that's up to Par"

. . . people living in the vicinity of the hospital complex recall hearing the blast, with most of them writing it off as a sonic boom. . . a water heater had blown up with devastating results. The exterior wall, three bricks thick, was shattered, while the interior wall was pushed out into the hall adjoining the room. . .

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The two young children of Virginia Trejo were injured when the blast, presumably from the water heater, tore the house apart, sending glass and other debris hundreds of feet in all directions. The water heater was thrown over a neighbor's house, into his back yard, and the washing machine landed in the alley near the back of the house, which was destroyed completely.

. . . turn on the water in the sink and noticed that only steam came from the tap. . .

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. . . the blast, which buckled the walls of homes two doors away, was caused by an electric water heater.  The heater was found almost 200 feet away, and across the street.  . . . witnesses said it went skyward like a rocket and cleared tall utility lines.

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