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  Bill Parr's blasts from the past.
Bill Parr has long been a champion of professionalism in the plumbing trade. Over the years, he's gathered together quite a collection of water heater explosion news accounts and has generously agreed to display them here. If you're in the Allentown or Lehigh Valley area, call Bill "For a job that's up to Par"

. . . It rocked their home and caused windows to be broken in every room, and light fixtures to fall.

The explosion, at about 3:30 a.m., was evidently caused by a faulty thermostat in the water heater in the milk house. The water heater itself was blown about 100 yards into a field, and another heavy object was thrown through the nearby barn. . .

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. . . burst with enough force to break all nine windows in the place and blast plaster from a wall and chimney next to the tank.. .

The five foot high copper cylindrical tank contained 30 gallons of water, heated by a vulcan system . .

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A father of five died early Sunday when an electric hot water heater exploded at his Collinsville home. His body apparently shielded his wife and a young child from the full force of the blast . .

A son, Lester Wolff, 16, said the safety valve on the water heater in the bathroom had been welded closed. . .

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. . . The blast, tentatively blamed on an exploding water heater, destroyed the inside of the trailer . . .The son was blown out of his bed and buried under debris. . . Debris, including part of the water heater, crashed into a neighboring trailer . . .

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A soldier and his wife miraculously escaped death Monday night when a blast caused by a hot water heater demolished their house . . Harold . . .  was found lying 15 feet away from the house amid piles of debris.

"Find my wife, find my wife." he was shouting to neighbors who arrived at the scene. "Then call an ambulance, I'm badly hurt!"

An electric water tank caused the explosion . .  the body of the tank was blown 103 feet away. .  .

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Walter Green Smitherman will lose the sight of one eye as the result of an exploding water heater that shattered his home about three o’clock in the morning, Wednesday. . .

Linda, a twelve year old daughter, pulled the splintered end of a two by four from her own back.

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